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Earn a certification and IREM membership is included.

1. Earn a certification and IREM membership is included

IREM membership is included when you earn an IREM property management certification. Boost your expertise and earning potential – depending on the certification, you can earn up to 144% more. 1,2

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ARM® and IREM membership

ACoM® and IREM membership

2. Join as an IREM Associate member

Join our institute as an Associate member to access the learning and networking you need to tackle the dynamic world of real estate management.

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IREM Student membership

IREM Academic membership



"You need the networking and education opportunities that an association can give to you. And IREM is the only one that I know that has the background and the commitment to their members."

Ebony Landon, CPM®

IREM members get more

IREM membership - Learn more

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Get the knowledge you need to take on real estate management’s most dynamic challenges. Our in-depth property management courses, up-to-the-minute webinars, and valuable real estate management publications help you keep a competitive edge.

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IREM membership - professional recognition

Reach higher.

Achieve a higher level of professional respect – and the greater earnings and opportunities that go with it – via IREM certifications. Each is recognized as a symbol of ethical leadership and a well-managed property.

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IREM membership - real estate networking

Network powerfully.

Instantly expand your network to include other real estate management professionals who consider IREM membership to be absolutely essential. Connect online and in-person for business referrals, job-hunting, problem-solving and the inspiration that comes from being among true experts.

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IREM membership-property management awards

Make an impact.

Take advantage of leadership opportunities, from your IREM chapter to the national level. Be recognized for your achievements, via coveted IREM property management awards. And step up to help advocate for industry-related issues.

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IREM membership - courses and webinars

Save significantly.

Members-only pricing cuts the cost of everything, from courses to webinars and IREM publications.

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1 IREM Profile and Compensation Study – CPM Edition 2019
2 U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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