Fire Aftermath: What Property Managers Need to Know

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What would you do if your building caught fire?  Would you be prepared?  How do you know what to expect?  What do you need in place to be ready for this type of event?  During this informative one-hour course, learners will learn firsthand of what a property manager will experience after a fire on their property.  From arriving onsite, to clean up, to communications and dealing with insurance.  Mindy Gronbeck will walk you through her experience with a fire in her corporate mixed-use building.  Property Managers will learn from a fellow CPM, what went right, what went wrong, and lessons learned.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How you can be prepared for such an event.
  2. Process from the time the fire starts until the building is restored.
  3. Best practices in dealing with insurance companies. 

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