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3 Steps to Finding and Retaining Great Talent

March 03, 2017 | Nat Kunes

AppFolio is an IREM President Level Industry Partner. This article is published on the IREM Blog as part of that partnership.

Being a property management professional is not easy—you need to know how to use the latest software, have excellent customer service skills, and complete all your tasks on time to ensure efficient move-ins and quick maintenance resolution. The success of any company stems from a hard-working and skilled organization.

To stay competitive and secure a spot as a top property management company in your area, keep these three things in mind when looking for the right people to join your team.

  1. Put Your Business on the Market

    Today, the first impression a person has of your business—especially when deciding if you’re a company they want to work for—is made primarily online. Your official website, social media channels, and third-party review sites are all used by job seekers when researching potential employers.

    Your Website
    Having a modern website is critical to you attracting the best talent. Word-of-mouth and referrals are still important, but the internet is where people will perform the majority of their research. Your website should put your best foot forward to attract the right people. It needs to be clean, professional, and easy to navigate, and it should be easy for people to find your open job opportunities and apply online.

    Social Media
    Social media is an essential tool that should be central to your employee acquisition strategy. If your company has an active Facebook presence, you can use it to post job openings and encourage those already tuned in to the property management world to apply for a position. Instagram is an excellent platform for highlighting your company culture, and LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to former colleagues for referrals.

    Third-Party Sites
    In the same way that you can use Social Media to vet new talent, they are using the same tools to make sure that yours is the type of company they want to work for. If you have bad reviews from renters on Facebook or Yelp, new talent will take notice. Likewise, employer review sites like Glassdoor are the best way to stand out in a crowd of other property management companies.

  2. Highlight What Makes You Stronger

    Benefits are a great play to the new generation of workers. Some employees thrive in challenging work environments, some prefer a slower pace. But all employees appreciate great benefits and perks. Years ago, companies like Google and Facebook changed the expectation of the typical work environment, and companies have had to shift to keep up. You may be able to lure an elite choice away from a competitor by displaying your great benefits and perks on your website.

    • 401K
    • Paid-Time Off
    • Dental
    • Health
    • Free Lunch Fridays
    • Dog Friendly Office
    • Standing Desks

    Property management companies who want to show themselves as a competitive player should also highlight their technology offering. Advertising that your business uses the best technology is a draw for good talent.

  3. Have Technology Requirements for Employees

    Many of the best employees out there have developed their skill set on their own through the power of real-world experience. In property management, finding people that are software savvy is a must, and if you determine the technology skills that you need ahead of time you can determine a pool of applicants that is much more precise than merely looking at education history.

    Attracting people with the right skills is vital, but it’s also important for you as a property management company to offer technology that is cutting-edge and will keep your employees’ skills up to date. When an employee is hindered by old technology and outdated tools, they will likely move on to a company that is more innovative. You need an easy-to-use intuitive software that allows new employees to learn quickly and makes their jobs much more streamlined and organized. It should also be mobile; mobile technology keeps everyone in close communication and on the same page as they are out in the field. Showing you’re an employer that invests in great technology shows prospective employees that you’re willing to invest in their professional growth and success.

Your ability to find and retain great employees as a property manager largely depends on your ability to use new methods of social outreach, keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends, and building a solid culture that good employees can depend on.

About the Author
Nat Kunes is the Vice President of Product Management for AppFolio. He works on a daily basis with property management professionals to identify industry trends and product features that are included in AppFolio's property management software.


15 Mar 2017 | Sarita Foster
Your Article has been very helpful and has given me an more insight on the daily tasks of a property manager.
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