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Welcome to the only interactive, online platform for Income/Expense data analysis. For any asset class in any market

Empower your team with more than 6,500 different property benchmark data points to improve your property’s financial performance. New this year, BOMA joins the collaboration with NAA and IREM® to give you access to even more real building data.

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IREM Webinar for Mastering Cost Management and Revenue Optimization with Income/Expense IQ Benchmarks

Submissions for the 2024 benchmarks are closed!

Thank you to everyone for submitting their assets into the I/E IQ platform (powered by Lobby CRE). Every person who submitted will receive one free Benchmark when we release the new dataset with your information. The newest set of data will be available for purchase in early August 2024.

Property data you need - how you need it

With the I/E IQ, you can build a dashboard with different asset types (office, multi-family and industrial) and MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas). Use this data to gain actionable insights, evaluate your property’s performance, and build better budgets faster.

The platform, powered by Lobby CRE, automates, standardizes, and visualizes operational and financial performance across assets and portfolio. Benchmarks unlock your ability to compare apples to apples within the MSA, drilling into asset classes, unit counts, and square footage ranges.

Download the IE IQ National
Summary – 2022 Operating Data

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Download financial comparison benchmarks into Microsoft® Excel, including:

  • Total Income: Income analysis, including gross rents, loss/gain to lease, gross potential rent, rent adjustments, net effective rent, and other revenue inputs
  • Total Operating Expenses: Operating expenses including administrative expenses, management fees, leasing expenses, repairs and maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance, and other important expense inputs
  • Net Operating Income (NOI)

Platform pricing

Benchmarks are available for purchase within the portal by metro area and asset class.

  • 1 metro area, one asset class: $49 regular/$39 member
  • 5 metro areas, same asset class: $199 regular/$159 member
  • 10 metro areas, same asset class: $349 regular/$279 member
  • All metro areas, same asset class: $499 regular/$399 member

IREM CPM®s and 2022 I/E IQ data submitters receive one free benchmark, with access to all metro areas for one asset class. Additional benchmarks for other asset classes are also available for purchase within the portal. Log into or create a new account at Lobby CRE.

For enterprise sales inquiries including discounts, please contact us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please review our FAQ document here.

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About I/E IQ partnerships


New for 2023! IREM has expanded its partnership to include the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International and its 85 local associations in the U.S. to share data on office, industrial, medical, corporate, and mixed-use commercial buildings. BOMA data makes I/E IQ platform even better.

IREM continues its partnership with the National Apartment Association, over 141 state, local, and international affiliates, and 95,000 members supporting more than 11.6 million conventional apartment homes on data collection and dissemination. Strong participation from NAA yields a more powerful platform.


Lobby CRE helps real estate firms transform their portfolio with intelligent data and portfolio management. With I/E IQ, you’ll be able to answer, “What is happening in my portfolio? Why is it happening? How should I take action?” with just a few clicks.

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