Income Expense/IQ

What is Income/Expense IQ?

Income/Expense IQ provides you with nationwide, real-time property benchmarks—giving you actionable insights to identify opportunities and optimize financial performance. Download benchmarks in one, five, ten, or all metro areas to pinpoint opportunities to enable you to operate more efficiently and drive value for your owners and tenants.

Compare the performance of your properties in real-time, collaborate with your team, and filter data through our online, interactive dashboard. Benchmarks reflecting 2020 and 2021 data are available for three asset classes and grow every year:

  • Conventional apartment
  • Office
  • Industrial

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Property data you need - how you need it

I/E IQ provides you with a dashboard to access benchmark data. Select from asset type and MSA to gain performance insights. Users can even download financial comparison benchmarks into Microsoft® Excel which includes:

  • Total Income: Gross rents, loss/gain to lease, gross potential rent, rent adjustments, net effective rent, other income, and other important revenue inputs
  • Total Operating Expenses: Operating expenses, management fees, leasing expenses, repairs and maintenance, utilities, taxes and insurance, and other important expense inputs
  • Net Operating Income (NOI)

Who benefits from I/E IQ?

Having real-time income and expense data on asset classes within comparative metro areas provides insights to the entire property management team. Empower your staff and management team with nationwide data to make better business decisions to enhance the value of the property. The I/E IQ platform delivers market intelligence, including expenses like maintenance, repairs, and amenities upkeep. Owners and investors will appreciate you. And so will tenants and occupants. Sharpen your I/E IQ to benefit:

  • Management teams
  • Owners and investors
  • Tenants and occupants

Expanding our partnerships

National Apartment Association

IREM has partnered with the National Apartment Association, its 141 state, local, and international affiliates and over 92,000 members supporting more than 11 million conventional apartment homes on data collection and dissemination.

Lobby CRE helps real estate firms transform their portfolio with intelligent data and portfolio management. With I/E IQ, you’ll easily be able to answer, “What is happening in my portfolio? Why is it happening? How should I take action?” with just a few clicks.

Platform pricing

Benchmarks are available for purchase within the portal by metro area and asset class.

  • One metro area, one asset class: $49
  • Five metro areas, same asset class: $199
  • Ten metro areas, same asset class: $349
  • All metro areas, same asset class: $499

For enterprise sales inquiries, please contact us at:

How do I access or purchase benchmarks?

How do I submit data?

  • If you’re an existing userAccess I/E IQ to submit your 2021 building data, or to add more buildings. If you have 20 or more buildings, we have made it even easier with our high-volume submission response team. Please contact us directly at:
  • If you’re a new users: Getting started takes just a few minutes. Once you register, follow the tutorials to get your property data submitted. We’ll show you how to set up your account, add your property information, and submit your data. Have data for more than 20 properties to submit? Please contact us directly at:

High-volume submissions

If your organization plans to submit data on 20 or more buildings, we'd like to offer you support to onboard the new system by connecting you with the Lobby CRE team. Please contact us directly at: Our partners at Lobby CRE will then reach out to you directly to initiate your onboarding.

Your data is always anonymous. Data included in the benchmarking analysis will not indicate where it came from and Lobby CRE’s platform is fully encrypted so your data is safe. You’ll always have access to your own data. Have questions? The Lobby CRE team is available to help along the way with any questions. Simply reach out to

Submit your data

For answers to many additional frequently asked questions, please see here.

Try I/E IQ for free

As a CPM® or I/E IQ data submitter, your free benchmark product includes access to all metro areas for one asset class. Additional benchmarks for other asset classes are also available for purchase within the portal.

Our complimentary 2021 National Summary is now available and free to download.

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