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IREM Technology Glossary
Check out our new technology glossary. Whether you’re reading a proposal for a new solution or just want to stay current with the jargon, the definitions in the glossary can help you keep up with the latest advancements.

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Exterior of a residential building


AI and Water
Water events can cause major property damage. Hear Uri Sokolov, CEO and Co-Founder of Watrix, discuss how AI can offer early detection of leaks, notify property staff, and prevent loss.


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IoT in Property Management
In this course, James Scott from MIT’s Center for Real Estate outlines what IoT technology can bring to the table and what is really making an impact across the industry.

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Renter Loyalty Programs
Rowland Hobbs, CEO and co-Founder of Stake discusses the benefits of applying a customer loyalty mindset to the property management industry in order to drive resident satisfaction and retention and improve overall property performance.


MIT Tech Tracker
What is the future of technology and innovation for real estate?

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NAR-Reach companies
Accelerating the top technology companies into real estate and adjacent verticals.

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Proptech Insights Survey: Review the results

Proptech Insights explores how and why property managers are using proptech. The annual survey focuses on building-level technology and reveals insights around the use of AI, 5G, service robots, and other real estate management technologies.

  • Automating repetitive tasks, managing tenant/resident-related issues, and staffing remain top issues solved by proptech
  • AI is helping with various real estate management functions, from leasing and HVAC optimization to financial modeling and email management
  • Difficulty of determining ROI was the biggest hurdle when implementing new technology, followed by overall cost and integration of multiple systems
  • Property management teams are taking the lead in proptech decision-making more, in equal proportion to a collaborative approach between multiple departments

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Tools and resources

From important forms and templates to playbooks, find what you need to be more productive.

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Explore areas of specialization, levels of expertise, and multiple learning options to meet different needs.

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Read up and expand your knowledge base. Being more informed adds to your value as a property manager and leader.

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Create new connections and strengthen current ones, and learn from industry leaders at local and national events.

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Tools and resources

Tech resources to help you increase your effectiveness and efficiency, day to day and long term. As a member gain free and/or enhanced access.

Propdocs : Real estate document management solution

Courses and webinars

Explore areas of specialization, levels of expertise, and multiple learning options to meet your needs as a property manager.

Smart Home Technologies: More Than a Resident Amenity

This informative course, presented by Sean Miller from PointCentral, focuses on home automation – what do you use, how do you benefit, and what do you want next?

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Document Management Systems

The typical property management company handles hundreds of thousands of documents and images each year: from leases, to contracts, to loan agreements, to work orders, to invoices...

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Touchless Technologies - Keyless Entry Trends and Property Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to our lives, and now as we slowly return to work, property managers are assessing every aspect of their portfolio to ensure they are providing the safest spaces possible.

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Listen and expand your knowledge base. Being more informed adds to your value as a property manager and leader.

Tech and Energy Optimization

Drew Foulkes of Mesa discusses new plug-and-play energy optimization technology for reducing tenant temperature complaints and increasing energy cost savings for Class B and C commercial buildings.


Brand Reputation

Ofo Ezeugwu, CEO and Founder of Whose Your Landlord shares how in-depth resident feedback can be turned into actionable operational insights that improve a property’s brand and success factors


Proptech and Tenant Experience

B-Line CEO Aaron Short shares how it took a global pandemic for tech to boom in the real estate field and ways in which this Proptech can enhance several areas of the tenant experience


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