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The IREM Certified Property Manager®

The premier property management certification

Earn your CPM®, and your place in the top rank of real estate managers world-wide.

Gain knowledge to manage properties across any asset class. Unlock higher earning potential, business referrals, and new career opportunities. All from the internationally-recognized IREM certification.

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Certifications from the Institute of Real Estate Management are internationally recognized as the marks of ethical leadership and a well-managed property. Enroll today.

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If you know real estate management, come get to know IREM. We’ll be your home for learning, certifications, and networking. Just choose the path that fits your career.

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Learn how to become a property manager

IREM seeks new CEO

IREM is seeking a CEO and Executive Vice President to lead the organization and represent its members broadly to the real estate management sector and peer professional associations. Interested? Email Korn Ferry to learn more.

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Learn how to become a property manager

Learn how to become a property manager

Recent grad? Transitioning careers? Looking for opportunities? Learn about careers in real estate management from the industry’s trusted voice for over 85 years.

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Find a Certified Property Manager

Find a Certified Property Manager

Use our directory of IREM certified professionals to find a knowledgeable leader who can help maximize your property.

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