Practical Guide to Green Real Estate Management (eBook)

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Also available in print

John Klein, JDM Associates, with Alison Drucker and Kirk Vizzier

This key report covers the practical benefits of sustainability and offers examples and strategies to start going green. The real estate industry thrives on the use of environmental resources like land, materials, energy and water. Reducing the impacts of these resources provides opportunities for property managers and owners to increase the market value of their properties, minimize operating costs and better respond to market demands. Learn:

  • Where the real estate industry is today regarding sustainability
  • How to assess your properties for energy consumption
  • What you can do to minimize energy and water use in buildings
  • How conservation efforts will affect your bottom line
  • When and where to best apply green methods to your properties

IREM, 2008
ISBN: 1-57203-180-8

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