Insider's Tips to Operating a Successful Property Management Company (eBook)

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IREM Key Report
Insider’s Tips to Operating a Successful Property Management Company
Richard F. Muhlebach CPM, SCSM, CRE, RPA and Alan A. Alexander

Operating a property management company requires more than good communication and management skills. To be competitive, companies must have a sound infrastructure, strategic direction, and sufficient resources to achieve success. This report offers comprehensive guidance on all aspects of developing a successful property management business, and includes detailed coverage of:

  • Strategies for successful staffing and company organization
  • Components of a management proposal
  • How to maintain ethical practices and professional standards
  • Owner’s evaluation and selection of a firm
  • Leasing commissions and other financial incentives
  • Steps for managing new accounts and expanding business profitability

IREM, 2007
eBook, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-155-5

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