Lease Administration Simplified - A Real Estate Managers Guide to Fair and Effective Lease Administration (eBook)

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Alan A. Alexander and Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM®, SCSM, CRE, RPA

Accurate and efficient lease administration is an important component of every building’s tenant relations program. But when leases are poorly administered, the property can be robbed of some of its cash flow and value through inaccurate billings. In addition, property operations can be negatively affected with poor lease administration and tenants can lose trust in the landlord and the property manager.

While the lease may appear to be an intimidating document to people who have not studied it, it is a document that is relatively easy to understand. This key report will help do just that, by covering lease administration basics, including:

  • How positive relationships with tenants make lease administration easier.
  • How to abstract a lease and who is qualified to do it.
  • How property managers must understand the commercial lease and how the different provisions affect the landlord’s investment, the property and the tenant’s right to operate a business on its premises.
  • How to calculate pass-through charges for retail, office buildings and industrial properties.
  • Plus more!

IREM, 2009
ISBN: 1-57203-156-5

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