DEI Ambassadors

Sponsored by IREM’s DEI Advisory Council, the DEI Ambassadors offers a new way for chapter leaders interested in DEI to get involved!

Each month, the DEI Initiatives department will facilitate free video monthly calls for DEI champions to share resources, gain ideas for events and activities, and expand their national network. The program is open to any chapter leader and completely voluntary: you can participate as often as you like.

A full schedule of 2024 DEI Ambassador monthly meetings is below. To receive the Zoom links and join the calls, email us at .

Duties & Expectations

If you sign up for the DEI Ambassador’s program, we ask that you:

  • Meet with your chapters; introduce why and how can help
  • Share what each other are doing around DEI initiatives
  • Understand IREM’s DEI Strategy and resources. Communicate them to assigned chapters
  • Share best practices with chapters; enhance library of what chapters are doing – share/connect chapters to each other to learn
  • Create a network of DEI leaders – bring back to DEI Advisory Council to build the pipeline
  • Facilitate open and courageous conversations
  • Reporting back to DEI Advisory Council & Sr. Director – what’s working/what’s not working; help refine and/or build strategies and initiatives

Benefits of the program

By signing up for the DEI Ambassador’s program, you will receive:

  • Recognition from your peers and IREM HQ during the 2024 DEI Reception at Global Summit in Indianapolis
  • Personal & professional fulfillment in furthering IREM’s DEI efforts
  • Practical skills and experience related to leadership, facilitation, and organizational DEI practice.
  • Networking with IREM colleagues across the nation

Who's eligible?
Any current IREM chapter member serving in a leadership capacity, either as an officer, board member, or otherwise.

Are you a volunteer in a different leadership capacity, other than in a chapter and want to get involved? Email us at

How to join?
To join the DEI Ambassadors program, email us at A full schedule of our 2024 meetings is below.

Once we receive your email and confirm your active membership, we will email you a calendar invitation for the year’s meetings. If you don’t hear from us within a week, please reach out again or call +1 (800) 837-0706.

Why DEI Ambassadors? Benefits of the program?

In 2022, the DEI Advisory Council saw the need for chapter leaders to connect with one another to share resources, best practices, and offer support regarding their DEI programming. The Council then Initiatives team at HQ spent 2023 running a pilot version of the program with members from the Baltimore, Chicago, and Houston chapters. 2024 will be the first year of the program’s national expansion.

2024 DEI Ambassadors Meeting Schedule

  • January: No meeting
  • February 15th at 1pm CST
  • March 14th at 1pm CST
  • April: Training offered at CLR 2024
  • May 16th at 1pm CST
  • June 13th at 1pm CST
  • July 18th at 1pm CST
  • August 8th at 1pm CST
  • September 12th at 1pm CST
  • October: Training offered at Global Summit 2024
  • November: No meeting
  • December 12th at 1pm CST

Contact us at

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