International management advisory board


  • Provide expertise and advice to IREM officers regarding business of international operations
  • Determine strategic initiatives for international programs
  • Analyze and quantify the components of international business operations, including but not limited to:
    • Identification of markets and strategic partners and the extent to which services will be provided to those markets and/or strategic partners
    • Review and recommendation of the methods for delivery of administrative support to the various international markets
    • Ongoing monitoring of business operation performance, including but not limited to profitability of initiatives, dues collections, education fees collections, chapter performance and partner performance
  • Review and determine if and how IREM policies, procedures and programs shall be modified for the international market; implement those policy, procedure, and program modifications accordingly
  • Recommend annual travel and time commitments of officers to promote and enhance those IREM international initiatives which generate the best return and most efficient use of travel time
  • Assist in development of annual international budget
  • Make recommendations to the governing council on the establishment and termination of chapter status, chapter jurisdictions and boundaries, and chapter bylaws issues for all chapters outside the U.S.
  • Identify, develop, and monitor mechanisms to serve the specialized needs of international members
  • Monitor and oversee the activities of international chapters and regions; and identify, develop, and monitor mechanisms to serve international chapters and regions


  • Chair, immediate IREM Past President
  • Vice chair, second immediate IREM Past President
  • Third immediate IREM Past President
  • IREM President-Elect
  • IREM Secretary/Treasurer
  • At least two at-large members
  • All serve one-year term

Desired Qualifications

  • Interest and involvement in real estate management at an international level
  • Prior participation or involvement in IREM’s international programs as a national or chapter officer or instructor.