Legislative and public policy committee


  • Contribute to the achievement of IREM’s mission and strategic goals through scanning, research, planning, and monitoring relative to legislative advocacy direction, activities, and issues
  • Monitor, analyze, and formulate appropriate positions on current and prospective legislative issues affecting the management of real estate
  • Develop and disseminate Institute policy on all matters of federal legislation affecting the management of real estate
  • Provide guidance to Institute chapters on strategies and positions on state and local issues
  • Monitor the progress of legislative and public policy initiatives and recommend adjustments to the appropriate governance bodies and staff
  • In addition, the committee shall have the authority to pass urgent and time sensitive legislative and regulatory policy statements between annual IREM meetings, provided such policy receives a two-thirds vote of the committee and the approval of the Institute President


  • Chair
  • Vice chair
  • Additional members whose backgrounds reflect a balance of experience and expertise in IREM’s targeted public policy areas
  • All serve one-year term

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of and involvement with public policy issues pertaining to real estate management and related real estate issues at the federal, state, or local level
  • Past experience as an Institute chapter legislative committee chair