Regional Vice Presidents committee


  • Contribute to the achievement of IREM’s strategic plan through scanning, research, planning, and monitoring relative to chapter and regional direction, activities, and issues
  • Using member needs assessment data and other scanning techniques, provide strategic direction to adjust as necessary the purpose, nature and structure of  IREM’s chapters and regions
  • Serve as the conduit for headquarters to local/local to headquarters communication
  • Provide strategic direction relative to local member needs based on interaction with chapters and regions
  • Monitor and support the activities of the chapters
  • Make recommendations to the Governing Council on the establishment and termination of chapter status, chapter jurisdictions and boundaries, and other chapter bylaws issues
  • Monitor the progress of chapter and regional initiatives and recommend adjustments to the appropriate governance bodies and Staff


  • Chair, IREM President-Elect
  • Vice Chair
  • All elected Regional Vice Presidents
  • All serve for duration of RVP term