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About the IREM Board of Directors

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 IREM Board of Directors; please see the FAQ section below for additional information.

Applications to serve on the 2023 IREM Board of Directors will open in Spring 2022.

The IREM Board of Directors supervises and directs the operations of the Institute in accordance with the mission and purpose of the Institute and any policies set by the Governing Council. The Board of Directors composition includes the IREM Officers, Immediate Past President, IREM Foundation President, an IREM representative on NAR’s Executive Committee, twelve (12) directors, and the IREM CEO. An additional advisor may be appointed by the President to serve a one (1) year term as a non-voting member.

Starting with the term beginning January 1, 2022, the application process for serving on the IREM Board of Directors is open to any CPM®, ARM®, or ACoM who meets the requirements.

Things to know about the IREM Board of Directors

IREM Board of Directors must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current CPM, ARM, or ACoM in good standing (8 of the 12 directors must be CPM members)
  • Have been an active practitioner in real estate within the last five years
  • Served in at least three of the following capacities:
    • IREM Senior Vice President within the last five years
    • IREM Regional Vice President or Country Vice President
    • IREM Executive Committee or IREM Board of Directors
    • IREM Committee, Advisory Board, Advisory Council, or other ad hoc group
    • IREM chapter president or international equivalent
    • Elected Governing Councillor
    • IREM Foundation Board Directors
    • Officer or member on a committee or board of NAR or an NAR affiliate organization
    • Officer or member on a committee or board of other professional or trade association or non-profit organization

Important documents:


  • Is the IREM Board of Directors the same as the Executive Committee?

    Effective on January 1, 2022 (with execution beginning in spring 2021), the Executive Committee will become the IREM Board of Directors.

  • Is the application to serve as an IREM Director a new process?

    Yes, it is new. Starting with the 2022 IREM Board of Directors, all members interested in serving must submit an application.

  • What would be my commitment as a Director of the IREM Board of Directors?

    Serving the Institute in this prestigious role requires a commitment of your talent and time. We encourage you to review the Board of Directors job description to better understand the role and responsibilities prior to applying.

    IREM Board of Directors Job Description

  • Is a financial/legal/criminal background check required to serve as an IREM Director?

    Currently, there is not a background check requirement to serve on the IREM Board.

  • Who is eligible to apply for the IREM Board of Directors?

    You must be a CPM®, ARM®, or ACoM to apply.

    There are additional required qualifications you must meet at the time of applying.

    Those who do not meet the required qualifications should not apply.

  • What are the next steps after I submit my application?

    The Nominating Committee vets all applications to ensure all qualifications are met before conducting interviews with the applicants. Virtual interviews will take place in June and July. You will receive more details about this process in early June.

  • If selected by the Nominating Committee as a Director candidate, when would I be officially elected?

    The slate of Directors is published at least 30 days in advance of the election, which takes place during the annual Governing Council meeting. All Board of Directors’ terms begin January 1.

Questions? Contact IREM Headquarters at or (800) 837-0706 ext.6094 or (312) 329-6094.

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