Regional Vice President (RVP)

Regional Vice President (RVP)

Applications now closed to serve as 2021-2022 RVP for the following regions:

Region 2 – DE, NJ, NY, PA
Region 5 – AL, AR, LA, MS
Region 6 – IN, KY, MI, OH, WV
Region 8 – AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT
Region 11 – CA, HI
Region 12 – AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY
Region 13 – NC, SC, TN

Referred to by many as “the best job in IREM”, serving as an RVP is a unique leadership opportunity and a privilege to support and represent the chapters within a region!

Applicants for RVP should have these qualifications and skills:

  • Must be a CPM Member
  • Live and work within the region’s jurisdiction
  • Active engagement in and knowledgeable about the real estate management business
  • Previous experience as an elected chapter officer for at least two years, including Chapter President
  • Previous experience at the national level
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Understanding of IREM’s governance system and operations
  • Strong strategic thinking and analytical skills
  • Passion for innovation and creative problem-solving

Review the full RVP job description

Regional Vice President FAQs

  • How would I make a difference by serving as an RVP

    You will professionally and personally benefit by:

    • Developing your leadership skills
    • Enhancing your network of industry contacts
    • Increasing your visibility within IREM and the real estate management profession
    • Identifying and mentoring the next-gen of IREM leaders
    • Collaborating with your peers from around the country
    • Supporting the growth of IREM
    • Having fun!
  • What would be my commitment as RVP?

    RVPs are a critical connection between IREM Headquarters and its chapters and among the chapters. To fulfill that role, you would provide ongoing monitoring, guidance, coaching, and support of the chapters in the region. In addition, you would need to attend the following in each year of your two-year term:

    • IREM Regional Meeting
    • IREM Global Summit
    • Regularly scheduled virtual meetings of the RVP Committee
    • At least one visit annually to each chapter within the region

    IREM provides funding for chapter visits (up to two per year, per chapter as necessary). Registration for Regional Meetings is covered by IREM; lodging and travel expenses for Regional Meetings are responsibility of the RVP and registration and travel for the IREM Global Summit are the responsibility of the RVP; however, many regions provide some funding from among the chapters for these expenses.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an RVP?
    • Serve on the RVP Committee, comprised of 13 RVPs from around the country, the IREM President-Elect who serves as Chair, and a Vice Chair.
    • Contribute to IREM’s mission and strategic goals as an ex-officio Governing Councillor.
    • Serve as conduit and ambassador between your chapters and IREM Headquarters.
    • Strengthen partnerships, communications, collaborations, and consistency between IREM at the national level and chapters and among the chapters in the region.
    • Serve as a strategic advisor to chapter leaders and IREM Association Executives (IAEs) by providing high-level coaching and guidance on chapter management issues.:
    • Reinforce and promote chapter best practices and the fundamental components of running a strong chapter.
    • Develop and strengthen corporate and academic outreach efforts in the region.
    • Represent the IREM brand and encourage chapters to activate brand value through messaging and member benefits and experiences.
    • Communicate alignment and relevancy between the IREM strategic plan and chapter operations.
    • Be a sounding board and trouble-shooter for chapters when called upon to do so.
  • How and when are RVPs selected?
    • All interested members must submit an application by June 1, 2019.
    • Each applicant is interviewed by phone with a member of the Nominating Committee.
    • At the IREM Global Summit in San Francisco, CA (September 23-26, 2019), the Nominating Committee reviews applications and chooses the slate of nominees.
    • In October-November 2019, nominees are notified by phone by the Nominating Committee Chair; those not nominated are also notified.
    • The slate of RVP nominees is published in the 2020 March/April issue of JPM and announced at each 2020 Regional Meeting.
    • At the IREM Global Summit in Toronto, Canada (October 13-16, 2020), the Governing Council elects the new RVPs from the slate of nominees.
    • The two-year term becomes effective on October 16, 2020.
  • Who should I contact if I have questions about the RVP position?

    Contact IREM Headquarters at ivolunteer@irem.org or 800-837-0706 or 312-329-6094.

Before submitting an application, we recommend that you:

  • Review the RVP job description
  • Discuss your interest in serving in this position with your current RVP, who can provide insights and advice
  • Contact IREM Headquarters if you have any questions about the RVP position

"Being an RVP was one of the most rewarding and fun roles I’ve had at IREM. The opportunity to experience how different IREM leaders do things in their chapters was not only insightful, but sharing those ideas with other chapters has benefited IREM as a whole. Being an RVP has also expanded my professional network throughout the region.”

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