2023-2024 Regional Vice President

2023-2024 Regional Vice President applications open May 1 – May 31, 2021 for the following regions:

Region 2 (7 chapters) – Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Region 5 (4 chapters) – Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

Region 6 (9 chapters) – Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia

Region 8 (8 chapters) – Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Region 11 (9 chapters) – California, Hawaii

Region 12 (5 chapters) – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

Region 13 (7 chapters) – North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

In accordance with IREM Bylaws, in order to hold elective office as a Regional Vice President, one must be a CPM; any CPM is eligible to serve as an RVP.

Click here to review the full RVP job description, including the desired qualifications and skills.

Regional Vice President FAQs

  • How would I make a difference by serving as an RVP?

    Referred to by many who have served as “the best job in IREM”, serving as an RVP is a unique leadership opportunity and a privilege to support and represent the chapters within a region. You will professionally and personally benefit by:

    • Developing your leadership skills
    • Expanding your network of industry contacts
    • Increasing your visibility within IREM and the real estate management profession
    • Identifying and mentoring the next generation of IREM leaders
    • Collaborating with your peers from around the country
    • Supporting the growth of IREM
    • Having fun!
  • What would be my commitment as RVP?

    RVPs are a critical connection between IREM Headquarters and its chapters and among the chapters. To fulfill that role, you would provide ongoing monitoring, guidance, coaching, and support of the chapters in the region. In addition, you would need to attend the following each year of your two-year term:

    • Chapter Leadership Retreat
    • Global Summit (October)
    • Regularly scheduled virtual meetings of the RVP Committee (year-round)
    • At least one visit annually to each chapter within the region

    In addition, RVPs serve as ex-officio members on:

    • The RVP Committee, comprised of 13 RVPs, the IREM President-Elect who serves as Chair, and a Vice Chair
    • Governing Council
  • What expenses are covered for RVPs?
    • Funding for chapter visits – transportation and lodging (up to two visits per year, per chapter as necessary).
    • Registration for the Chapter Leadership Retreat; lodging and travel expenses are the responsibility of the RVP.
    • Registration, lodging, and travel for the Global Summit are the responsibility of the RVP; however, many regions provide some funding from among the chapters for these expenses.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an RVP?
    • Leverage knowledge and experience to represent and grow the IREM brand and membership; encourage chapters to activate brand value and consistency through messaging, member benefits and experiences; foster networking and connections to underscore value of membership; emphasize importance of HQ and chapters operating as one unified organization through all member touchpoints
    • Assist chapters with advancing IREM’s strategic initiatives at the local level; reinforce chapter best practices and fundamentals of running a strong chapter; identify key chapter management areas requiring further assistance; communicate to HQ staff necessary consultative, administrative and resource support needed for direct follow-up to chapters  
    • Direct chapters to identify an optimal selection of professional learning opportunities through a focused strategy that provides value to members and maximizes chapter ROI
    • Encourage chapters to serve as a resource to seasoned industry professionals through every stage of their careers; emphasize importance of succession planning as a core chapter management component that ensures strong operations and long-term sustainability; inspire chapters to engage with every NextGen of real estate management professionals in innovative, relevant ways
    • Serve as the conduit for fostering relationships and strengthening corporate and academic outreach efforts in the region to raise IREM’s presence within local real estate management communities; promote value of IREM® membership and credentials to corporations and academic institutions in collaboration with chapters
  • Do RVPs rotate within the chapters in a region – are they selected from a different chapter each year?

    The Nominating Committee considers several factors when selecting RVP nominees, only one of which is chapter representation; however, chapter representation is not the deciding factor. The best candidate overall is selected, regardless of their chapter.

  • What is the role of the Current RVP in the selection process?

    The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting and putting forth the slate of RVP nominees for election by the Governing Council. Current RVPs are asked to submit a Regional Evaluation (i.e. current strengths and weaknesses of the region), as well as an RVP Applicant Assessment for each RVP applicant based on their knowledge of and experiences with the applicants. These assessments are additional data points for the Nominating Committee as part of their review and selection process.

  • Do I need to contact my current RVP for approval before applying?

    The current RVP does not provide “approval” for any applicant to move forward nor do they make the selection. As part of the RVP application process, you are encouraged to reach out to the current RVP to learn more about the position. Likewise, since the current RVPs are asked to complete an RVP Applicant Assessment for each applicant, it’s appropriate and encouraged that there are conversations between the two.

  • Who is on the Nominating Committee?

    The Chair of the Nominating Committee is IREM’s Immediate Past President. Serving on the committee is: IREM President, IREM President-Elect, and five other IREM Past Presidents. IREM’s Secretary/Treasurer sits on the committee as an observer.

  • Questions?

    Contact IREM Headquarters at or at (800) 837-0706 ext. 6094 or (312) 329-6094.

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