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East Japan Chapter No. 110
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West Japan Chapter No. 121
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Kyushu Chapter No. 122
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Hokkaido Chapter No. 124
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Tokai Chapter No. 125
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IREM Japan
Course Sponsor
Takanawa Meiko Bldg. 2F, 2-15-19 Takanawa, Minato
Tokyo 108-0074
President – Takashi Yoshimura

Program Description

  • Chapter established in:
    • East Japan – December 2003
    • West Japan – October 2017
    • Kyushu – October 2017
    • Hokkaido – October 2019
    • Tokai – October 2019
  • IREM courses offered in Japanese by Japanese faculty; course materials customized for Japanese students
  • Courses offered regularly in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu, and virtually
  • IREM regularly participates in:
  • IREM Japan Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony:
  • Resources in Japanese
  • IREM Japan Photo Page
  • IREM Japan website
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