Major Individual Contributors

Major contributors as of October 1, 2020.

The following individuals have made significant financial investment in the future of fellow members. We are inspired by their generosity.

$100,000 +

Joseph T. Aveni, CPM®
Robert Winder Nordblom, CPM®

$50,000 +

Cheryl Gray, CPM® & Richard L. Gray, CPM®
Cher R. Zucker-Maltese, CPM®

$25,000 +

Madeleine E. Abel, CPM®
John N. Gallagher, CPM®
Saadat Keshavjee, CPM®
Louis H. Nimkoff, CPM®
E. Craig Suhrbier, CPM®
O. Randall Woodbury, CPM®

$10,000 +

Malcolm W. Bates, CPM®
Edward H. Boudreau, CPM®
Eugene J. Burger, CPM®
Barbara A. Campbell
Robert O. Click
Jo Anne Corbitt, CPM®
David G. Domres, CPM®
Gail P. Duke, CPM®
Ronald L. Goss, CPM®
W. Alan Huffman, CPM®
Clark F. Lindstrom, CPM®
William P.J. McCarthy, CPM®
Pamela W. Monroe, CPM®
Regina Taylor Mullins, CPM®
Victoria R. Parmentier, CPM®
Ann E. Reisch, CPM®
Russell C. Salzman
Philip M. Schneidau, CPM®
Michael B. Simmons, CPM®
Anthony W. Smith, CPM®
Robert B. Toothaker, CPM®
Jonathan L. Tucker, CPM®
Mary W. Wilken, CPM®
Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM®

$5,000 +

Anthony J. Barker, CPM®
Mark J. Boehnlein, CPM®
William E. Borsari, CPM®
Dawn M. Carpenter, CPM®
Dorcas A. Cecil, CPM®, ARM®
Walter J. Crumpler, CPM®
Dawn E. Daffinee, CPM®
Denise Froemming
Kenneth Goodacre, CPM®
Dee E. Headley, CPM®
Nancye Kirk
Brett M. Koutnik, CPM®
Elizabeth H. Machen, CPM®
J. Benjamin McGrew
Christopher E. Mellen, CPM®, ARM
Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM®
Kenneth M Paul
Deborah R. Phillips, CPM®
Ted Rausch, CPM®
Beverly A. Roachell, CPM®
William Sheridan, CPM®
Lori A. Tillis, CPM®
Deborah Deraney Westphal, CPM®, ARM®
Eileen D. Wirth, CPM®
Edward Zehfuss, CPM®


Sheila A. Austin, CPM®
Raymond Baca, CPM®
Branden J. Barker, CPM®
Mez R. Birdie, CPM®
Irving M. Blue, CPM®
Mark J. Boehnlein, CPM®
Aaron Mandel Bosshardt, CPM®
Lori E. Burger, CPM®
William A. Butler, CPM®
Craig L. Cardwell, CPM®
Lynn M. Disbrow
Richard H. Forsyth, CPM®
Benjamin R. Forsyth, CPM®
Glenn L. French, CPM®
Denise Froemming
Ronald L. Gjerde
Joseph S. Greenblatt, CPM®
George D. Griffin, CPM®
Dee E. Headley, CPM®
James L. Helsel, Jr, CPM®
Jesse Holland, CPM®
Michael T. Lanning, CPM®
Mickey E. Layden, CPM®
Kristin D. Layeux, CPM®
Richard Y. Lee, CPM®
Vera C. McPherson, CPM® ARM®
Helen M. Moise, CPM®
Patricia A. Nooney, CPM®
Karen L. Pharr, CPM®
Deborah R. Phillips, CPM®
R. Wayne Pierce, CPM®
Ted Rausch, CPM®
Jae A. Roe, CPM®, ACoM
Mel E. Schultz, CPM®
Julie L. Scott, CPM®
Kimberly M. Sisney, CPM®
Karen E. Ward, CPM®
Chip Watts, CPM®
Deborah Deraney Westphal, CPM®, ARM®
Gregory R. Wingate, CPM®
G. Smedes York, CPM®

Major contributors are invited to attend a recognition reception held in conjunction with the IREM Global Summit. During the reception new major contributors receive customized, recognition lapel pins. The lapel pins are made of white gold accented with diamonds or gemstones. The following levels recognize donors with cumulative giving of $2,500 or greater.

Double Diamond: $100,000
Diamond: $75,000
Double Ruby: $50,000
Ruby: $25,000
Sapphire: $10,000
Emerald: $5,000
Gold: $2,500

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