Planned Giving

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Thousands of charitable organizations are helped each year by bequests. Bequests, gifts of life insurance and gifts of IRA assets provide future funds for charitable organizations like the IREM Foundation. (Learn more…)

If you have named the IREM Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plan, or if you are making plans to do so, please let us know by completing this Estate Intention Letter INfo .

Thank you to the following IREM members who have made provisions in their estate plans to benefit the IREM Foundation:

Raymond Baca, CPM®
Malcolm W. Bates, CPM®
Robert K. Beal, CPM®
William E. Borsari, CPM®
Edward H. Boudreau, CPM®
Eugene J. Burger, CPM®
Robert O. Click, CPM®
Douglas F. Collins, CPM®
Jo Anne Corbitt, CPM®
Chip Crumpler, CPM®
Dawn E. Ford, CPM®
John N. Gallagher, CPM®
Kenneth Goodacre, CPM®

Emily C. Goodman, CPM®, ARM®
Cheryl A. Gray, CPM®
Shawn P. Harvey, CPM®
W. Alan Huffman, CPM®
Elizabeth H. Machen, CPM®
Victoria R. Parmentier, CPM®
Beverly A. Roachell, CPM®
Russell C. Salzman, CAE, IOM
Michael B. Simmons, CPM®
E. Craig Suhrbier, CPM®
Robert B. Toothaker, CPM®
Deborah Westphal, CPM®, ARM®
Mary W. Wilken, CPM®

Cheryl A. Gray, CPM “I have been very fortunate to have received some wonderful opportunities in my career and know that my CPM designation helped me be the successful candidate for many of those roles. I have further benefitted from my association with IREM by meeting and learning from so many in our industry as well as developing decade’s long friendships. I want to give to the foundation so that others who follow us in real estate management can benefit from what IREM has to offer them.”

Deborah Westphal, CPM, ARM “IREM has been a part of my life since 1996 and has provided opportunities my family benefited from once I obtained my ARM and then the CPM designation. As an Executive Director of IREM GA, I have witnessed the IREM Foundation Scholarship Program blessing so many members and even changing the direction of several lives. Being proud of an organization that truly cares about their members is what I have seen, so it is my honor to be a part of something larger than myself. I will happily increase my planned giving and continue to make donations over the years.”

“For my family the choice and logic of making a gift to the IREM Foundation was easy. I received my CPM about 25 years ago and since that time I became gradually more involved with the Institute – first at the Chapter level, then later with our National office. Along the way I consistently received more than I gave from IREM. In fact IREM has been at the nexus of virtually every major change in my business career. This business of property management has been very good to my family and we have been blessed with many benefits. I am 100% sure that my family would not be where we are today without the benefits, education and associations provided by the Institute of Real Estate Management. How could one not contribute? What better way to extend a hand so that others may follow your path?”

"Providing a gift to the IREM Foundation in this manner allows me to contribute in a more significant way than might otherwise be possible."

“From the beginning of my 42-year real estate management career, the basics of IREM education and the relationships I've made has played a profound role in whatever business and personal successes I've achieved. IREM education and the instructors I meet and worked with gave me direction and purpose. I learned first-hand the basics of property management and why owners invest in real estate. I was able to apply what I learned to my owner's and their properties and then, eventually, my own. I'd like to assist the Foundation in perpetuating its mission so others may achieve their real estate management ambitions and enjoy successes.”

"IREM has played a significant role in my professional career. The knowledge I have gained and the contacts I have made over the years through my association with IREM have been extremely valuable. It is appropriate that I should remember IREM through planned giving to the IREM Foundation.”

“IREM was a very important factor in my career development as a real estate management professional. IREM educational classes, the CPM designation, our local chapter and national meetings gave me the opportunity to meet other professionals and clients in the industry. This exposure had a significant impact on the growth of my career and business. My decision to remember the IREM Foundation through a planned gift is a way I can give back to the organization that helped me and pave the way for others starting a career in real estate management.”

Victoria R. Parmentier, CPM “This was an easy decision for me. IREM has provided me with life changing experiences that go beyond the IREM educational opportunities. I’ve made lifelong friends. Being able to leave an estate bequest to the Foundation that may change someone else’s life……priceless.”

W. Alan Huffman, CPM “It was an easy choice to include the IREM Foundation in my estate planning, knowing that whatever I could give would help future managers to become even better in the profession which has been so good to me.”

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