Summer of service

What is the Summer of Service?

The Summer of Service from the IREM Foundation celebrates the daily impact property managers have in their communities by bringing together participants in service to help communities thrive. All funds raised through registration fees and donations during the Summer of services will support equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives in the real estate management profession.

There are three ways to get involved with the Summer of Service:

  • Host a service project – $100
  • Participate in a service project – $25
  • Become a fundraising captain

Get started

Get involved in service projects near you

IREM chapters, property management companies, and individuals are sponsoring both in-person and virtual service projects across the globe. These projects help communities thrive, such as addressing food and housing insecurity, community clean ups, and other skills-based service projects. 100% of host and volunteer’s registration fees support equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives through IREM & the IREM Foundation.

  • Host a project – includes a $100 donation
  • Volunteer for a project – includes a $25 donation

Check out upcoming events near you – or sign up to host a project of your own.

And, whether you’re hosting a project or volunteering, make sure to share how you’re supporting your community using the hashtag #IREMgivesback.

Volunteer or host a service project

Need ideas?

Organizing a service project doesn’t have to be time consuming! We’ve put together some examples of projects, ranging from easy to difficult to implement, that could make a big difference in your community. Take a look at the ideas below for inspiration and to get started on a service project!

  • Host a cigarette butt clean up

    Volunteer time: 1 -2 hours | Effort: low
    Two thirds of cigarette butts are disposed of improperly, making them the most littered item on the planet. Coordinate volunteers to fill empty water bottles with these pesky eyesores and create a safer, cleaner and less toxic environment.

    Stuff you need

    • Plastic bags or bottles for collecting butts
    • Gloves
    • Time and place

    Optional ideas
    Make it a challenge! Meet your group at a central location, distribute supplies, and send out volunteers in small groups. Everyone meets back up to compare their collections. Offer snacks or invite participants to bring their own.

    Look for butts on our streets, in parks, at beaches, and outside restaurants.

  • Beautify the community

    Time: 2 hours + | Effort: low to high
    Real estate management pros have skills and resources that can help make shared spaces safer, healthier, and more enjoyable. Consider your resources and use them to clean up graffiti, create green spaces, or spruce up a park, school, or community center.

    Stuff you need

    • Area to beautify
    • Supplies for project

    Connect with your city, county, school district, or community center to assess needs. Invite a vendor to donate supplies or keep it simple and grab some garbage bags and a few garden tools.

  • Provide service to families

    Time: varies | Difficulty: medium
    Help community members in need of assistance with yard maintenance, installing smoke detectors or batteries, weatherizing homes, or disaster preparedness.

    Next steps
    Identify the needs in your community and determine which resources your volunteers are most able to provide.

    Local churches may have a good idea of community members who need assistance.

  • Host a workshop to educate the community

    Time: varies | Difficulty: medium
    Round up some real estate management experts and host a fair housing workshop for tenants and landlords. Or invite residents to learn more about rental assistance and affordable housing programs.

    Stuff you need

    • A location to host your event
    • Experts to provide presentation
    • Volunteers to assist residents with applications

    IREM’s Federal Housing Advisory Board offers resources that may be of assistance.

  • Host an advocacy campaign

    Time: 1 hour | Effort: low
    Gather volunteers and put words into action. Get inspiration from Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign, or IREM’s Advocacy Action Center and further advocate for the needs of real estate managers. Challenge participants to spend an hour (in person or virtually) advocating for a cause.

    Stuff you need

    • A cause that resonates with your volunteers
    • Scripts for the campaign

    Combine the advocacy with another social event or happy hour. Offer an option for volunteers to advocate on their own if they can’t attend your event.

  • Support job seekers

    Time: varies | Difficulty: medium
    Attend a job fair and create awareness for real estate management careers. Assist job seekers with resume writing, interview skills, or dressing for success. Help individuals identify job opportunities or complete an application.

    Stuff you need

    • Partner with a high school, community college, or workforce agency.

    Ask your volunteers if their companies are hiring entry level positions.

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