Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM, 2019 IREM President - Presidential Goals

Hi, I’m Don Wilkerson, and while I’m honored to serve as IREM President in 2019, I’m even more proud to be one of almost 20,000 leaders in commercial and residential management who call this home for education, support and networking. Together with my leadership team, I’ll spend this year making our community even stronger by focusing on these areas:

IREM will increase our relevance to our members, as well as the real estate management profession as a whole, by:

  1. Offering more learning opportunities, and easier ways to access classes   
  2. Advocating for our members - and the profession – by taking action on legislative issues that impact the industry and our members’ businesses
  3. Expanding support and services to our network of 550 AMO companies around the world
  4. Making sure new members understand their benefits and how to stay connected to the IREM community

Next Generation Workforce
IREM will actively pursue the next generation of workers and show them how to create a rewarding and sustainable career in real estate management by:

  1. Helping the next gen to learn new skills, gain recognition, and have a voice within the industry- all while maintaining the integrity and discipline of our credential education programs
  2. Reaching out to college and even high school students, both directly and through collaboration with the broader commercial real estate community, to increase awareness of real estate management as a career
  3. Drawing on the knowledge and perspective of our Next Gen Task Force and acting on their recommendations    

Thought Leadership
IREM will use our collective voice to speak to the issues that are most important to our profession by:

  1. Creating and sharing relevant, trustworthy, and valuable content to earn credibility and show our commitment to advancing the industry
  2. Helping our members address the pain points they experience every day on their properties and in their companies
  3. Sharing knowledge about emerging issues that could impact their businesses in the future– both domestically and internationally

IREM will elevate our members and celebrate their achievements by:

  1. Promoting the value of the CPM, ARM, and ACoM credentials, which are internationally recognized symbols of ethical leadership and a well-managed property
  2. Creating awareness for companies who have earned the AMO accreditation, and communicating their value to potential clients

For the last 85 years, our members have made IREM the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management. By focusing on these important opportunities, IREM and our members will continue to be THE resource the industry turns to when looking for guidance and leadership.

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