Presidential Goals

Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM

President Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM, has prioritized the following themes and goals in support of IREM's strategic direction.



IREM’s Vision: Anyone in real estate management is engaged with IREM.

IREM’s Mission: IREM advances the profession of real estate management.

2017-2020 Strategic goal: IREM is relevant to the real estate management market

2017-2020 Strategic goal: IREM engages and empowers the next-generation workforce - identifying what they need to succeed in the business - and plans for increasing membership and engagement within this segment

2017-2020 Strategic goal: IREM employs thought leadership to promote its brand.

2017-2020 Strategic goal: IREM communicates unique value that differentiates members from others in the industry.
IREM is partnering with MARC USA, a global marketing firm, to enhance and reignite IREM’s brand, messaging and positioning, with a full roll-out coming in soon.

To Boldly GO...
Key Objectives | The Road to Success

  • Rollout of the rebrand, including marketing campaigns, chapter training, and new content
  • Host year two of the Regional Meetings and Global Summit: bigger, better, brighter
  • Continue international expansion, including one additional staff
  • Increase student and academic outreach and young professional engagement
  • Continue with AMO Next-Gen CPM and 30 Under 30 programs
  • Partner with NAR® and NAR® affiliates to develop a program that promotes careers in commercial real estate
  • Produce interactive “Communities of the World” tool with 25 other real estate-related associations, showcasing core skills behind real estate functions
  • Institute digital badging for holders of IREM credentials
  • Launch of new ACoM online course
  • Reinforce IREM’s position as leading voice in asset management with new content, research and publications
  • Produce updated editions of industry-recognized publications:
    • Shopping Center Management and Leasing
    • Community Associations: A Guide to Successful Management
    • CPM and ARM Profile and Compensation Studies
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