2019 IREM REME Award Winners Announced

CHICAGO (Oct. 14, 2019) –  The IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) REME (Real Estate Management Excellence) Awards celebrate the extraordinary contributions real estate managers make in their communities, and for their clients and companies every day. The awards were presented on Thursday, Sept. 26 at the 2019 IREM Global Summit Inaugural Gala and REME Awards, held in San Francisco, California. 

This year’s winners include real estate managers and companies from around the world who’ve elevated the profession through innovation and leadership. 

“Our profession has so much talent, and I’m so proud of the spectacular work each of these winners is doing every day,” notes 2018-2019 IREM President Don Wilkerson, CPM®. “We’re thrilled to celebrate their accomplishments and the ways they’ve impacted our industry for the better. These winners truly represent the best of IREM and the industry.”

The 2019 REME Awards Winners are:

CPM® of the Year

Shannon Longino, CPM®
SunTrust Community Capital
Atlanta, GA
Longino has an infectious energy and enthusiasm for our industry that are clear to anyone who meets her. With her, the CPM designation doesn’t just mean ethical leadership and a well-managed property; it also signifies a caring volunteer helping her community, a superior real estate professional providing exceptional service to her clients, and a trailblazer innovating chapter activities.

ARM® of the Year

Jesse Miller, ARM®, ACoM
Greystar Real Estate Partners, AMO®
Portland, OR
Miller has a passion for real estate management – and it shows. His unquenchable thirst for learning and growth is evident, and he’s an advocate of education. He’s shaping tomorrow’s leaders to advance the real estate management profession, while making a lasting impact on those around him.

AMO® of the Year

United Plus Property Management, AMO®
Troy, NY
Executive CPM: Jeff Arnold, CPM®
United Plus Property Management, AMO®, of Troy, New York, advances employees through education and training, and creates unique residential experiences in active senior and assisted living communities, and in student housing.

Corporate Innovation

Shenzhen Unova Business Management
Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Unova Business Management created a new business model that changed the way people work, and can serve as a blueprint for future sustainable and profitable co-working spaces.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

CAHEC (Community Affordable Housing Equity Corporation)
Raleigh, NC
Beyond providing a safe and affordable place to call home, CAHEC offers a series of wellness and educational grants and initiatives designed to help residents thrive.

Southwest Clinical Center
Brasilia, Brazil
Southwest Clinical Center of Brasilia, Brazil, has achieved excellence in employing sustainable and environmentally-friendly construction practices. During a renovation project, seven tons of steel was removed and recycled from the Centro Clinico Sudoeste building, and the ceiling’s original textile covering was repurposed into reusable shopping bags to prevent their disposal.

Employee and Leadership Development

The RMR Group
Denver, CO
The RMR Group is committed to implementing practices that increase employee engagement, foster long-term employee development, and improve the employee experience.

Additional information on all of the 2019 REME winners can be found here.

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