IREM® joins SAPOA to advance real estate management

CHICAGO (May 24, 2023) – IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) is proud to join SAPOA (South African Property Owners Association) to endorse a Memorandum of Understanding between these two organizations. This partnership promotes professionalism and paves the way for career growth for property managers in South Africa through skills development and certification.

“Our relationship with SAPOA was instrumental in the launch of IREM’s first South African chapter, in the Gauteng Province in 2018,” says 2023 IREM President Renee Savage, CPM®. “Through this extraordinary experience we learned that the need for skilled real estate management and certification is universal. We’re excited to further explore opportunities in the region through partnerships, education, and IREM membership.”

“As continuous professional development continues to play a crucial role with regards to employee growth, which has a direct link to overall business performance, the SAPOA / IREM partnership has once again created a platform that will enable both our members together with individuals employed within our industry an opportunity to continuously expand on knowledge acquisition that will assist with attending to real estate’s most dynamic challenges with an internationally recognised accreditation for both our members and their employees,” says SAPOA CEO Neil Gopal. “The SAPOA / IREM partnership, together with other stakeholders, will further seek to establish chapters around the country, which will in essence bring all professionals together to establish, nurture and in some cases solidify relationships with the idea of improving networks both locally and internationally for the benefit of our sector. It’s through collaborations with organizations like SAPOA that IREM and IREM members are making an impact on people and places around the world.”

The South African Property Owners Association (“SAPOA”) was established in 1966 by the leading and large property investment organisations to bring together all role players in the commercial property field and to create a powerful platform for property investors. Today, its members control about 90% of all commercial and combined portfolios in excess of R500 billion. SAPOA has representation in the following regions: Durban, Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

About IREM
For 90 years, our members have made us the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management. Almost 20,000 leaders in commercial and residential management call this home for education, support and networking. Our CPM®, ARM®, ACoM®, and AMO® certifications are internationally recognized symbols of ethical leadership and a well-managed property. And our tools deliver decades of on-the-job know-how to help members get even better at what they do. Put simply – IREM and its members are here to elevate the profession. If you know real estate management, come get to know us.

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