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Academy of Authors

IREM honors those who have made significant contributions to disseminating property management knowledge in written form by inviting them to become members of the IREM Academy of Authors.

Mr. George F. Allen, CPM - Indianapolis, IN 
Ms. Shannon E. Alter, CPM - SANTA ANA, CA 
Mr. Brad J. Ashley, CPM - Kansas City, MO 
Mr. Lawrence W. Baiamonte - Gahanna, OH 
Mr. Stephen R. Barber, CPM - Camas, WA 
Mr. Frank M. Basile - Indianapolis, IN 
Mr. Bodie J. Beard - The Woodlands, TX 
Mr. Mez R. Birdie, CPM - Orlando, FL 
Ms. Nancy A. Bishop - Englewood, CO *
Ms. Natalie D. Brecher, CPM - Torrance, CA 
Ms. Lori E. Burger, CPM - Reno, NV 
Mr. Robert A. Cagann, CPM - Lincolnshire, IL 
Mr. Todd Clarke - Albuquerque, NM 
Ms. Jo Anne Corbitt, CPM - Nashville, TN 
Mr. Richard E. Cornwell - Scottsdale, AZ 
Mr. Robert D. Demson, CPM - Phoenix, AZ 
Mr. Nicholas Alexander Dunlap, CPM - Irvine, CA 
Mr. Glenn L. French, CPM - Raleigh, NC 
Mr. John N. Gallagher, CPM - Bethesda, MD 
Mr. David J. Garber, CPM - Los Angeles, CA 
Mrs. Vickie L. Gaskill, CPM, ARM - Kent, WA 
Mr. Kenneth Goodacre, CPM - Sun Lakes, AZ 
Mrs. Emily C. Goodman-Shortall, CPM, ARM - Saint Clairsville, OH 
Mr. John L. Gore, CPM - Dallas, TX 
Mr. Robert Stephen Griswold, CPM, ARM - San Diego, CA 
Mr. Lloyd D. Hanford - Rancho Mirage, CA *
Mr. Laurence C. Harmon, CPM - Minnetonka, MN 
Ms. Kathleen Mary Harmon, CPM, ARM - Minnetonka, MN 
Mr. R. Lee Harris, CPM - Overland Park, KS 
Mr. Ronald A. Harris, CPM - San Francisco, CA 
Mr. Arthur W. Hiban - Montgomery Village, MD 
Ms. Barbara L. Holland, CPM - Las Vegas, NV 
Ms. Kimberly Holmes - Chicago, IL 
Ms. Linda LaRae Jackson - Malakoff, TX 
Mr. Barry S. Katz, CPM - Highland Park, IL 
Mr. Edward N. Kelley, CPM - Naples, FL 
Mr. John Klein - Falls Church, VA 
Mr. Jeffrey Steven Lapin, CPM - Rocklin, CA 
Dr. Mark Lee Levine, CPM - Denver, CO 
Mr. Greg L. Martin, CPM - Addison, IL 
Mr. D. Michael McConnell, CPM - Longwood, FL 
Mr. Christopher E. Mellen, CPM, ARM - Dedham, MA 
Mr. E. Robert Miller, CPM - Burlingame, CA 
Mr. Richard A. Miller - Corona Del Mar, CA 
Mr. Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM - Woodinville, WA 
Mr. Joseph C. Murray - Potomac, MD *
Mr. David C. Nilges, CPM - Kapolei, HI 
Mr. Michael Earl Packard, CPM - Carlsbad, CA 
Ms. Rosetta E. Parker, CPM - Blue Springs, MO 
Mr. Frederick W. Prassas, CPM - La Crosse, WI 
Mr. Dustin C. Read - Blacksburg, VA 
Mr. William T. Rhoten, CPM - Agoura Hills, CA 
Mr. Michael J. Rotenberg, CPM - Brookline, MA 
Mr. W. Donald Sally, CPM - Lake Forest, IL 
Ms. Julie L. Scott, CPM - Troutdale, OR 
Dr. William M. Shenkel - Athens, GA 
Ms. Robin C. Stinson, CPM - Bradenton, FL 
Mr. Eric B. Storey, CPM - Eden, UT 
Mr. Paul L. White, CPM - Miami, FL 
Mr. Carl D. York, CPM - Fishers, IN 
Ms. Cher R. Zucker-Maltese, CPM - Carefree, AZ 

* Indicates recipient is deceased
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