Ethics Committee


  • Contribute to the achievement of IREM’s mission and strategic goals through scanning, research, planning, and monitoring relative to ethics direction, activities, and issues
  • Periodically scan the membership and historical ethics enforcement actions to identify ethical practice issues facing property managers and suggest strategies to address issues.
  • Recommend educational programs to enforce the codes of ethics.
  • Review and recommend appropriate amendments to the codes of ethics and the policies and procedures involved in the enforcement of the code
  • Monitor progress of ethics initiatives and recommend adjustments to appropriate governance bodies and staff.


  • Chair—selected from among committee members
  • Vice chair—selected from among committee members
  • All members of the three ethics boards, plus additional members appointed by the president.

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of business ethics
  • Knowledge of the Institute’s codes of ethics
  • Extensive real estate management experience
  • Experience facilitating the Institute’s ETH800 course
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