Governing Council


  • Serve as a resource for identifying member and industry issues for development of Institute strategy
  • Receive and act on recommendations from the executive committee
  • Final authority on decisions affecting Institute bylaws, policy and budget matters


  • President
  • President-elect
  • Secretary/treasurer
  • Regional vice presidents
  • 75 elected at-large members
  • 13 elected ARM representatives, one from each region
  • IREM chapter presidents (U.S. and international)
  • IREM Foundation president
  • Members of the Institute's executive committee
  • One representative named by NAR
  • Past national presidents
  • Any other members of the executive committee not named above


  • At-large member terms are for three (3) years, on a staggered-term basis
  • ARM representative terms are for two (2) years


  • Broad knowledge of the Institute's goals, bylaws, policies, and programs
View Committee Rosters
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