Nominating Committee


  • Contribute to the achievement of IREM’s mission and strategic goals through scanning, research, planning, and monitoring relative to leadership development activities, and issues
  • Identify, develop, and mentor leaders and potential leaders within the organization.
  • Develop qualifications criteria and screen potential leaders for those criteria
  • Craft strategies for recruiting leaders
  • Identify and make recommendations for nominees to hold elective office in the Institute, which includes president-elect, secretary/treasurer, regional vice presidents, and governing councilors
  • Establish systems for and monitor the performance of individuals who hold IREM governance positions.
  • Develop mentoring programs to enhance governance participant performance.
  • Oversee succession planning for Institute leadership
  • Monitor the progress of leadership development and recommend adjustments to the appropriate governance bodies and staff.


  • Immediate past president/chair
  • President
  • President-elect
  • Five other past presidents (traditionally the five immediate past presidents)
  • Note: The secretary/treasurer sits on the committee as an observer

Desired qualifications:

  • Experience as national Institute officer, as defined by composition
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