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Governing Council

Governing Councillor

Volunteer to Make a Difference

Applications for Governing Councillors with terms beginning in 2020 will open in 2019.

The Governing Council is IREM’s ultimate decision-making body. Governing Councillors have a strong understanding of local, national, and international issues that need to be brought to the forefront of the IREM agenda. They are knowledgeable about the real estate management industry. And they are knowledgeable about how IREM works – strategically, operationally, and legislatively.  Over 200 members serve on the Governing Council, including:

  • Elected Governing Councillors
    • 75 At-Large Members
    • 13 ARM Representatives
  • Ex-Officio Governing Councillors
    • President, who serves as the Chair
    • President-Elect
    • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Regional Vice Presidents
    • Senior Vice Presidents
    • All remaining members of the Executive Committee
    • IREM Past Presidents
    • All sitting Chapter Presidents

Each of the 13 U.S. regions is allocated a specific number of At-Large Governing Councillors based on the total number of CPM Members. In addition, each U.S. region has one ARM Representative on Governing Council.

How would I make a difference by serving on Governing Council?

  • Make decisions that affect IREM.
    Governing Councillors direct the affairs of IREM, including:
    • Adopting the strategic plan
    • Approving the annual operating plan and budget
    • Determining legislative advocacy issues and setting IREM policy
    • Approving member programs, services, and products, and chapter formation, dissolution, and policies
    • Approving Bylaw amendments and Statement of Policy modifications

  • Make decisions that affect the industry.
  • Use your leadership skills to represent the voice of IREM membership by bringing emerging industry trends, issues, and challenges to the forefront of IREM’s focus and planning. As an IREM Member, you are in a unique position to be a decision-maker on the highest level, helping IREM increase recognition and build the presence of the real estate management industry.

  • Make decisions that affect you.
  • By participating on the Governing Council, you will be exposed to many career-building opportunities. You’ll expand your professional network, hone your leadership skills, and be in a position to directly impact the careers of both you and your colleagues.

What would be my commitment as a Governing Councillor?

  • Attend the annual IREM meeting* for the duration of your term and actively participate.
  • Be knowledgeable about IREM’s strategic plan, bylaws, policies, and key programs.
  • Review Governing Council reports, financial reports, agendas, and other materials distributed throughout the year.
  • Represent the voice of your chapter and region.

*All expenses related to the annual IREM meetings are the responsibility of the Governing Councillor.

How and when are Governing Councillors chosen?

  • All interested members must submit an application.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Nominating Committee, which chooses the slate of nominees.
  • If nominated, you will be notified via email by mid-August; the slate will be published 30 days prior to the annual IREM meeting
  • During the IREM Global Summit, in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, FL, September 26-29, 2018, the general membership elects the new Councillors from the slate of nominees.
  • 2019 terms become effective on September 29, 2018.


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