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Applications are now closed for 2020 Committee/Board Applications. Please contact if you have any questions.

All IREM members interested in volunteering must submit an application.

IREM committees and boards help guide and support the various products, programs, and initiatives that make IREM relevant, support members, and grow. If you want to join IREM's volunteer community and make the organization and the real estate management industry better, start by exploring the opportunities below – you'll find the purpose, composition, availability, and member commitment for each of our committees and boards.

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"As professionals, I’m sure we all take pride in the work we do day-to-day at our jobs. But the time I’ve spent with IREM as a committee member and Chair, is without a doubt some of the most gratifying. The investment I’ve made in this organization has been returned to me ten-fold. Best of all, there are opportunities for all who step forward; ARMs, CPMs, ACoMs or Associate Members – all are welcomed and encouraged to share their unique points of view. IREM gives everyone the opportunity to make a difference."

Timothy S. Kramer, CPM, ARM
Draper and Kramer, Incorporated, AMO  |  Chicago, IL

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