IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet Toolkit

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Looking for a user-friendly tool to perform financial analyses for your properties? The IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet performs cash flow analyses based on property performance and ownership goals and objectives. The spreadsheet will automatically:

  • Amortize and analyze property loans and leverage position
  • Forecast net operating income (NOI) based on property income and expenses
  • Calculate cash-on-cash return, value enhancement, net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Create T-bars to visualize income stream
  • Establish market rental rates using a comparison grid
  • Determine net effective rental rates
  • Compute time value of money variables such as present value, future value, and payment
  • Conduct a discounted cash flow analysis

New! Your toolkit includes a thorough User Guide and three narrated video tutorials that walk-through how to use the major functions of the tool. Be sure to review these for all technical requirements and instructions for usage.

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Contains XLS Spreadsheet, PDF User Guide, and MP4 Tutorials.
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