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What leadership competencies does a property manager need for success? The IREM Leadership Development White Paper series focuses on twenty leadership competencies that a real estate manager needs to survive in the new economy. Derived from the IREM Job analysis, the leadership skills are based on a survey of more than 800 top real estate management professionals.

Today’s economy is forcing real estate companies to shift their focus from being performance-driven to relationship-driven. This series of IREM White Papers focus on different aspects of leadership development that can help real estate managers move up the career ladder and shift from being just managers of people and processes to leaders who are visionary and able to motivate the people they work with to ensure the company’s success and growth.

In the words of Christopher Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of CEL & Associates, Inc., the real estate industry discovered that “leaders and leadership, not the number or size of buildings owned or managed, would become the discerning hallmark of those who prospered and those who failed ...A real estate firm without effective leaders might as well pack up and try something else. Leadership is the key to sustainability, productivity, profit­ability, and growth.”

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