IREM White Paper on Leadership Development: Recruitment and Staffing (Download)

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By Shannon Alter, CPM

How much time do you spend on hiring staff? More importantly, how much time do you ultimately save by hiring someone who is a great fit for the job and for your company?

This white paper on recruitment and hiring helps you take a leadership approach by stepping back to reassess your current hiring and staffing process. Not only will this allow you to hire the best talent, but you’ll be able to reconsider any non-performers at the same time. As a real estate manager, you are often busy taking on greater (or different) responsibilities. As a result, when we’re trying to fill an open job, you may tend to look at the person, rather than the position you want to fill.

Understand the key principles that are crucial for your company and how you can recruit the best people for you team—and for your culture. Think about what’s already embedded in your corporate culture, and what you would like it to look like in the future. Download this white paper today to learn the answers to five essential questions.

Copyright: 2014
Format: PDF; 9 pages

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