IREM White Paper on Leadership Development: Negotiation

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As a real estate manager, you must constantly negotiate new management agreements with clients, leases with tenants/residents, and contracts with vendors/suppliers. This leadership white paper provides insight into the best practices for getting the most you can out of a negotiated agreement.

  • Learn ways to tackle the fear generated by having to negotiate something, and discover ways to best achieve your goals.
  • Discover and follow the four key principles when conducting a negotiation, as described in Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (2011).

It’s important to understand that fear of negotiating comes from a feeling that we might not be very good at negotiating and might end up with less than what we want or need. If both parties of a negotiation view it as a “win-lose” situation, both parties are likely to lose—or at least, not “win” as much as they could. The IREM White Paperon Leadership Development: Negotiation explains the most efficient ways to create as much value as possible for all the parties by looking for “win-win” solutions.

Copyright: 2014
Format: PDF; 8 pages

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