IREM White Paper on Leadership Development: Motivating Others

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By Alfred Ojejinmi, CPM

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For real estate management companies, it’s all about solving a client’s problems and becoming an employer of choice. Smart employers recognize the value in having - and keeping - motivated employees. It’s the key to their business success. It’s true, the way leaders motivate their teams can make all the difference.

The IREM White Paper on Motivation will help you find ways to improve performance, enhance your bottom line, and attract talent. This white paper includes tips and techniques to help you build and develop a motivated workforce from the start, along with taking a closer look at the top three biggest mistakes that leaders often make:

  1. Not listening
  2. Not paying attention
  3. Lack of autonomy and authority

When it comes to boosting your bottom line and increasing your company’s competitive advantage, now’s the time to determine how you can first win in the workplace.

Copyright: 2015
Format: PDF; 5 pages

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