IREM White Paper on Managing the Management Company: Retaining Talent

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Did you know that employees affected by change initiatives at work are three times more likely to leave the organization within the next year compared to those who haven’t been affected by organizational change? Did you also know that the stress, fear, and negativity that employees experience during change is also a leading cause of change initiative failure?

The IREM white paper, Retaining Talent During Change, provides information and strategies you need to both ensure the success of change initiatives and to overcome the threats that lead to greater employee turnover during times of change. With this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why employees stress-out about change
  • How employees respond to change
  • Five strategies for retaining talent during change
  • Tactics for improving your change management competency

If an organization doesn’t embrace change, it is most likely on a death march. But poor implementation of change initiatives can result in both failure and in the loss of good talent. Before your next change initiative takes place, learn what you need to know to be successful while also keeping your good talent on board.

Copyright: 2017
Format: PDF; 9 pages

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