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Ever try to run a property or company, by yourself? You probably either lead a number of teams, or are a member of one or more.

Building and managing teams is one of the critical competencies required of successful real estate managers. It was ranked as one of the top leadership skills for property managers by more than 800 real estate management professionals in the IREM Job Analysis survey.

This whitepaper explains how leaders with emotional intelligence can build and maintain successful teams. This white paper will help you learn the following:

  • The definition of a team versus a workgroup
  • The essential conditions for team effectiveness
  • The stages of forming a team and the leader’s role
  • How the team leader can grow and support team growth
  • Specific actions you can take to be a better team leader

Teams are more creative and productive when they can achieve high levels of participation, cooperation, and collaboration among members. But this isn’t always easy to achieve.

Even if you already have highly productive teams, it doesn't mean they will stay that way. If a team gets new members, takes on new responsibilities, undergoes a company-wide reorganization, or experiences any number of other possible changes, the teambuilding process may have to start all over again.

Real estate managers need to provide the direction and leadership to help teams achieve goals and operate cooperatively and cohesively. This white paper on Leadership Development: Building Teams can help you get the most out of the people you lead and the groups you manage.

Copyright: 2013
Format: PDF; 7 pages

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