IREM White Paper on Leadership Development: Delegating Responsibility (Download)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough time to complete all your work? Maybe even have a little free time to work on those new projects you have been putting off?

As real estate management pro­fessionals move up the career ladder, they have less time to actually manage properties. Instead, they have to manage the people who manage the properties.

Delegating responsibility is one of the toughest competencies for a new supervisor (and for a lot of experienced supervisors) to master. It is one of the key competencies that real estate management professionals have identified as being critical for success. Research suggests that leaders who delegate authority more frequently often have higher performing businesses.

This White Paper explains the following fundamentals in learning how to delegate responsibility:

  • Provide clear and specific directions
  • Assign goals, not procedures
  • Delegate authority, but monitor
  • Give credit, not blame

This White Paper also provides some interesting insights into why some supervisors tend to have a difficult time in delegating work to their subordinates. The fears of giving up control or prestige are just a few of these reasons.

After pushing through your personal obstacles and becoming more self-aware, this White Paper will help you free up more time so that you can focus on more higher-lever strategic planning. Delegating responsibility will help you build engagement and motivation among your staff members, thus strengthening your organization overall. Download this PDF to help you strengthen your leadership skills and simultaneously help others strengthen their skills as you delegate tasks.

Copyright: 2013

Format: PDF; 7 pages

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