IREM White Paper on Leadership Development: Coaching and Developing (Download)

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A common mistake leaders often make is spending most of their time trying to develop their poorest performers— and overlooking their top performers. Studies show that high performers produce 20–50% more than average employees.

It’s easy for most managers to tell their employees what to do and address their poor performance. However, it’s a challenge to actually develop effective feedback and coaching for your employees. This white paper—the 7th white paper in the IREM leadership series—will help you understand some the most important and valuable skills that any leader should have when it comes to coaching and helping others develop their skills.
You will learn how to:

  • Support employee engagement and job satisfaction, reducing turnover
  • Enhance performance and improve productivity
  • Allow employees to understand their value to you and the company
  • Build a more effective, cohesive, and trusting team
  • Give you more time to do strategic, leadership-oriented work because your team will be productive and engaged
  • Enhance your reputation as a leader

Coaching can have a considerable impact if it is targeted at high performers, or at least those with high potential. Even high performers can improve with the proper coaching. Download this white paper to learn the fundamental difference between managing and coaching and become a more effective leader.

Copyright: 2014
Format: PDF; 6 pages

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