Glossary of Real Estate Management Terms - 2nd edition

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The second edition of this useful glossary focuses on the language of real estate management and the terminology that real estate managers use or are likely to encounter in their dealings with owner-clients, tenants/residents, and on-site employees they supervise.

Because the interests and responsibilities of professionals who manage real property for others are wide-ranging, there are terms related to accounting and record keeping, banking and finance, emergency preparedness and security, laws that impact managed properties as well as legal issues and lawsuits, risk management and insurance, and staff management. There are also specialized terms that are unique to the management of particular property types—e.g., committee and board meetings for condominiums, space planning and construction management for office buildings, retailing for shopping centers. It’s designed to be a resource and reference for both the seasoned practitioner and the newcomer to real estate management.

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