Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies, 3rd Edition

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Written by Alan A. Alexander, SCSM, and Richard F. Muhlebach, CPM, CRE, CSM, CRX, RPA

Whether you’re starting your own firm or want to grow an established business, this third edition of Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies will show you how to attract and retain clients, market your business more aggressively, expand the services you offer, and boost your company’s profits in today’s changing business climate. This new edition also features six case studies of real estate management companies in their infancy. It provides an inside look into the trials and tribulations that you will likely encounter, along with tips and lessons learned.

Topics include a comprehensive look at:

  • Hiring and retaining talent
  • Understanding the dynamics of the manager and client relationship
  • Creating a winning management proposal
  • Taking over a management account
  • Handling legal issues and ethical practices
  • Managing and mitigating risks

Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies provides guidance and insights for many situations that, along with your personal experience and knowledge, can help you take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges of the present and future.

Publication Date: 2014
Softcover, 492 pages
ISBN-10: 1-57203-220-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-57203-220-0

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