Acquisitions & Dispositions: The Role of The Real Estate Asset Manager

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Asset management is often described as the process of managing the financial performance of income-producing properties over the entire life-cycle of an investment from acquisitions to dispositions.  While generally accurate, this definition does not take into account the fact that many asset managers begin their work long before properties are purchased and remain involved until after they are sold.  This report sheds light on the various roles asset managers play in acquisitions and dispositions, as well as the ways in which they interact with property managers, to complete the following tasks on behalf of real estate investment management firms:

  • Evaluate market conditions
  • Vet underwriting assumptions
  • Source investment opportunities
  • Make disposition recommendations
  • Prepare offering memorandums 
  • Position properties for sale

The report digs deeper into several of the asset management functions identified in IREM’s research report "Real Estate Asset Management: A Process and a Profession", drawing upon ongoing contributions from practitioners representing real estate investment and service firms in the United States. It was written by Dustin C. Read, PhD/JD, as part of IREM’s Real Estate Asset Management Initiative. Dr. Read serves as an Assistant Professor of Property Management and Real Estate within the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech.

This report is part of IREM’s Real Estate Asset Management Initiative, which explores the points of connectivity between the property management and the asset management professions, as well as ways to help individuals working in both fields collaborate more effectively.

Copyright: 2017
Format: Soft cover; 34 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-260-6

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