Market Analysis & Monitoring and Reporting: The Role of the Real Estate Asset Manager

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Both asset managers and the property managers who support them spend a significant portion of their time collecting, warehousing, and analyzing data about their real estate assets and the markets in which those assets operate – all in the hopes of converting that data into actionable information. After all, the future value of properties can only be enhanced when managers know when and how they have performed in the past and understand their competitive positioning at the present.

This report explores:

  • Linking market analysis to the entire asset management process
  • Monitoring and reporting tasks undertaken by asset managers and their application to identifying problems and solutions
  • Taking advantage of benchmarking, data analytics, and new technologies
  • Practical considerations for property managers working with asset managers

This report is part of IREM’s Real Estate Asset Management Initiative, which explores the points of connectivity between the property management and the asset management professions, as well as ways to help individuals working in both fields collaborate more effectively. It draws upon ongoing contributions from practitioners representing real estate investment and service firms in the United States. It was written by Dustin C. Read, PhD/JD, assistant professor of property management and real estate at Virginia Tech.

Copyright: 2018
Format: Soft cover; 25 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-272-9

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