Practical Apartment Management, 6th Edition

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Edward N. Kelley, CPM Emeritus

This sixth edition of Ed Kelley’s popular best-seller is a practical guide to what’s new in apartment management. The text has been completely revised to reflect the extensive changes that have occurred in the apartment industry over the past five years. Mr. Kelley has been a forerunner in the apartment management industry for many years, and he continues to pioneer new techniques and approaches for the benefit of property owners and managers everywhere. His how-to, hands-on guide covers the basics of ownership, management, and insurance, as well as advanced solutions for marketing, leasing, and tracking residents of rental properties.
A few of the many updated topics in this edition include:

  • Extra features in new apartment layouts and amenity packages
  • Innovative techniques for tracking residents and minimizing turnover
  • Hiring and managing property staff
  • Establishing policies to guide property operations
  • Leasing policies, the rental application process, and the lease document
  • Developing strategies for maximizing rent collections
  • Property maintenance, upgrading, and renovations
  • How to gain the most from Internet marketing
  • Setting and adjusting rents
  • Implementing budgeting and planning strategies
  • Attracting prospects and curb appeal

Practical Apartment Management is a time-tested, comprehensive guide to apartment management written by a recognized expert in the field. This edition is a must-read for everyone who manages apartments.

IREM, 2009
Hardcover, 416 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-141-8

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