Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties (Third Edition)

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The newly revised, third edition of Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties is the essential resource for every manager of any type of commercial property. No other publication covers the entire spectrum of the business of managing and leasing commercial properties. Encompassing property types from office and industrial buildings to shopping centers and medical buildings, this book is a hands-on guide that provides problem-solving methods, procedures, tactics, and tips for all commercial property managers.

With more than 80 years’ experience in the manage­ment, leasing, and marketing, the authors, Richard Muhlebach and Alan Alexander, share valuable insights for those new to the industry or experienced professionals. In addition to in-depth descriptions of commercial property types, marketing and leasing issues, guidance on efficient and effective property operations and the overall commercial property development process, the revised edition includes new or updated content on:

  •  The increasing importance of sustainability in the planning of new commercial properties, the rehabilitation of older properties, and maintenance of all commercial properties
  • How new tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI) will help property managers run their businesses more efficiently, and provide even better service to tenants
  • The distinction between a business plan and a management plan in guiding the success of an individual property or a property management business

Copyright: 2024
Format: Soft cover; 844 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-296-5

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