Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management, Second Edition

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By Fred Prassas, CPM

The second edition of Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management differs from other real estate investment and financial analysis publications by focusing on the real estate manager’s role to ensure that the real estate management company’s clients realize their investment goals for any given property. Real estate managers today are more than property overseers who must manage the day-to-day operations of their clients’ properties—they are often asset managers.

This book provides insight into the real estate management company and manager’s role in the financial analysis and asset management of a property. It also provides an inside look into the details of how to budget, forecast, and analyze cash flow.

Even if some real estate managers are not actively performing the financial analysis and management of a portfolio of investment real estate, they must have a basic understanding of the impact that various decisions about a property have on the cash flow and value of a property.

Today, owners have high expectations of their real estate management professionals. A strong knowledge of finance is an advantage that can enhance a real estate manager’s relationships with clients and the professionals that turn to them for their expertise.

Real estate managers play a key role in preserving and enhancing the earning power of a real estate investment, and ultimately the investment’s value. Experience, knowledge, and skills that are kept up to date are critical to being competitive and respected.

How you perform as a real estate managerNOI increases, vacancy decreases, and really looking at your budget fundamentalshas a direct impact on the value of your property. I would rather take a mediocre property and a top notch manager (preferably a CPM) than a top notch property and a mediocre manager any day.” –John D. Clayton, CPM, Little Rock, Arkansas

Publication Date: 2019
Softcover, 396 pages
10 digit  - 1-57203-273-1
13 digit  - 978-1-57203-273-6

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