IREM White Paper on Asset Management - A Shifting Dynamic: Asset vs. Property Management

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By John Salustri

This white paper, first in a new series on asset management, explores the complex and shifting relationship between the two professions and brings to light some of the reasons for this current state of confusion.

You will learn:

  • The drivers of change and growth in property management
  • How respondents to the 2015 IREM Job Analysis Survey see their professional roles
  • Why some practitioners are confused about where property management ends and asset management begins
  • What truly defines a property manager and what defines an asset manager
  • What industry practitioners are saying about the shifting dynamic between the two disciplines

In addition to the 2015 IREM Job Analysis Survey, the white paper calls upon interviews with professionals from a variety of fields: asset management, direct property management, third-party fee-based property management, executive recruitment, and academia.

Copyright: 2015
Format: PDF; 9 pages

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