IREM Asset Management White Paper: Using Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to Score Investments

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By Eric Storey, CPM

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) can be a difficult concept to grasp.  But, it is also a powerful financial tool that is widely used for real estate investment analysis.  Even if a property manager never needs to calculate the IRR for a property, it is critical that he or she understands what IRR is, and how it can impact the management of a property.  Understanding IRR is essential in meeting the owner’s goal on their real estate investment.

This white paper helps de-mystify the concept by providing a simple explanation of what IRR is and how it is used. It also covers some of the common misconceptions and misuses of IRR.  While not intended to make someone a financial wizard, or even an expert on IRR, it does explain how IRR is used in making sound financial decisions. Using examples, and plain language, this publication will give you the insight into why IRR is such an important financial tool.

Copyright: 2016
Format: PDF; 4 pages

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