Income/Expense Analysis: Federally Assisted Apartments (2019)

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Income/Expense Analysis Reports give you the tools you need to plan, budget and forecast – and to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Gain insights into the special niche of managing federally assisted properties. The data enables owners and managers of apartment buildings that receive subsidies under one of the following federal programs: HUD sections 202, 221(d)3, 236, Section 8 and Rural Development section 515, the ability to accurately compare the performance of their portfolio properties against the data. This report summarizes the operating experiences of apartment buildings from across the United States and includes:

  • Data from nearly 800 apartment buildings nationwide
  • Data on five federally assisted programs
  • HUD sections 202, 221(d)3, 236
  • Section 8
  • Rural Development section 515
  • Building and subsidy type reports within metropolitan reports
  • Tenant turnover and operating ratios

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Softcover: 186 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57203-283-5

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