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College and University Programs

While college education is not a requirement for beginning a career in real estate management, it is highly recommended. Many colleges and universities offer real estate and property management courses, more and more offer degrees in real estate, and a few offer degrees in property management. Likewise, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in business administration can be an excellent means to progress in the field. Because real estate management is competitive and increasingly complex, the future will demand exceptional performance from practitioners, including extensive, never-ending education.

If a four-year university degree is not in your future, you may want to consider a community college program. Check with your local community colleges to see if they offer associate degree programs, real estate certificate programs, or continuing education programs in real estate. These are great sources for education because they offer hands-on, practical knowledge.

IREM Academic Connections
IREM develops relationships with colleges and universities in an effort to make real estate management a career of choice among students and others entering the workplace – connecting with colleges and universities in multiple ways.  If you are interested in pursuing college-level preparation in real estate management, visit IREM's Academic Connections.


Subjects or courses to take at the college level in preparation for a career in real estate management include:

Finance courses – to develop analytical and computer skills; gain knowledge of basic financial and accounting principles

Business courses – to gain critical thinking and solid organizational skills, and acquire general business knowledge

Management courses – to develop strong interpersonal skills and business management skills

Real estate law or business law – to acquire understanding of related legal issues

Communication – to cultivate strong written and oral communication skills

Problem-solving – to strengthen critical thinking and solid organizational skills

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