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The best introduction to a career is first-hand experience, and an internship can provide this. Internships offer you an opportunity to “try the job on for size” by giving you the experience and knowledge of the management business before committing to the field. In an internship, you will learn new skills and begin building your professional network of colleagues in the industry. Should you get an internship, remember you are there to learn and to impress. Ask lots of questions, involve yourself in as many aspects of the job as you can, have fun, and most importantly, learn from those around you who are experienced in the field.

For the employer, internships offer an opportunity to take a good look at potential job candidates and assess their knowledge and abilities and how the interns might fit into the organization. For this reason, many successful internships often conclude with job offers.

For a listing of internships in real estate management, go to and click on internships.



  • Develop new skills
  • Increase marketability to employers
  • Build resume
  • Evaluate career paths
  • Network





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