IREM Job Shadow Program

Job Shadow Facts for Students

Real Estate Management Job Shadow Program
IREM has developed a national job shadow program as part of an initiative to increase awareness of careers in real estate management. Intended for high school, community college, and university students, this program gives students the opportunity to connect with IREM Members and explore a career in real estate management.

What is Real Estate Management?
Real estate management is the administrative operation and maintenance of properties to meet the objectives of their owners.

What are real estate managers responsible for?
Their primary responsibilities are: (1) management of the physical site, (2) management of on-site and off-site personnel, (3) management of funds and accounts, and (4) management of leasing activities and tenant services.

What is job shadowing? 
Job shadowing is a short-term career-exploration experience that enables students to learn more about a career by shadowing a practitioner and experiencing it first-hand. It gives a young person an opportunity to see what it’s actually like working as a property manager.

How long is a job shadow experience?
It can be anywhere from one hour to a half day to a full day. A full day is most common.

What is the ideal age for students?
Job shadowing is valuable for both high school students, community college students, and university students who are thinking about career options.

  • If you are a high school student, this is the perfect opportunity to explore careers and consider what college degrees to focus on if you decide on getting a degree.
  • If you are college student, job shadowing may help you commit to your major or change to a major that may lead to more opportunities.

Either way, job shadowing can provide valuable insights and an opportunity to have your questions answered.

What does a typical job shadow day look like?
Activities for job shadowing would depend on whether it is a half-day or full-day experience. Ideally, it would include time both at the management company office and at a residential or commercial building, where the work of a property manager can truly be experienced first-hand.

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